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OpenPWR consolidates cross-country and transnational renewable energy sites onto a single platform allowing standardized company-wide remote monitoring and control of the entire portfolio. With an Unlimited Licensing Model, the platform can be economically deployed regardless of the the company size or number of sites or users.

Available with for these platforms, with more platforms added with each deployment

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Improving Wind Farm Operational Control and Intelligence

The OpenPWR platform provides multiple levels of visualization and control from the portfolio wide corporate level to site level to unit (turbine) level. Each of these levels provides key operational and predictive drivers, including:

  • Instantaneous, hourly, daily, and weekly production capability; Optimum turbine mix; and correlation between reliability and maintenance at the corporate level.
  • Turbine conditions and output summary; alarm history and site fiber summary at the site level.
  • Turbine general, grid, generator, gear box, and nacelle & rotor parameters and related outdoor conditions at the turbine level.

OpenPWR’s data management is highly adaptable, allowing continuous, 10-minute average, or rolling average data to be graphically displayed and exported to various file formats including .pdf reports.


OpenPWR’s licensing model drastically reduces costs compared to other visualization platforms. One license gives you an unlimited number of data points, and users, enabling it to be cost-effectively deployed on large systems. With an unlimited number of users, every person on every team can get access to the data and information that they need. With unlimited data points, there are no license-based limits to your data collection, allowing you to collect all required data to improve your operational success. Instead of complicated pricing plans, OpenPWR licenses are streamlined, based on site size and number of technologies – contact us for a quote today!


Requirements and testing documents are available for review at Panacea Technologies Inc.