Panacea Technologies and CXV Global are now Catalyx.
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Innovation at a Glance

  • Operators can interact with any fermenter unit from anywhere with a mobile control station solution
  • Ethernet based architecture extends component lifecycles and increases data collection options
  • Remote notification and alarm system keeps batches and experiments running around the clock by informing staff of critical events even when they are off-site
  • Built with open sourced, non-proprietary components stocked locally by most distributors
  • Premier integration with Process Analytical Technology (PAT) software and optical analyzer platforms for chemometric analysis and multivariate control
  • Hybrid-cloud based architecture makes adding Bioreactors as easy as plugging in a network cable

Available standard with these platforms


OpenBIO MAX Standard Features

  • Recipe driven software allowing customized formulas to run on any bioreactor
  • Automatic feeds
  • Onsite hybrid-cloud with redundancy and secure back-ups
  • Expandable number of weight scales
  • Expandable MFCs
  • Ethernet based variable speed Agitator Motor
  • Tablet HMIs (Windows, Android, or iOS)
  • Extensive options for experiment parameter control with ability to add custom algorithms
  • Gas mixing assembly with up to three separate inlet gases for custom mixed gas additions
  • High accuracy Temperature probe and Heating Jacket
  • Spare Analog and Digital I/O connections allowing on demand customization
  • pH, Temperature, and Dissolved Oxygen transmitters
  • Expandable peristaltic pumps

Deployment and Support

  • Turn-key options ranging from a single Bioreactor to several hundred Bioreactors
  • Testing, initial setup, and validation included with each deployment
  • Yearly support contract options are available that include instrument calibration
  • A dedicated design team is ready to engineer client specific requirements and customizations
  • Training and simulation stations are available


Requirements and testing documents are available for review at Panacea Technologies Inc.