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OpenBIO Harmonia

OpenBIO Harmonia provides site wide control across both OpenBIO and third-party bioreactors. By incorporating third-party bioreactors into your OpenBIO ecosystem, you gain access to features like the Recipe and Formula manager – to create, edit, and share recipes between any bioreactor – as well as remote HMI functionality and tablet control that is consistent across the entire cell culture platform.


OpenBIO can be deployed on most third-party bioreactor platforms including the above platforms

OpenBIO Harmonia

Unlike traditional platforms that limit the number of bioreactors connected to a central control station, OpenBIO Harmonia utilizes tablets for control. Any fermenter can be viewed from every mobile control station. While wired interface methods are available, use of industrialized and secure wireless access points allows you to experience all the benefits of mobility without sacrificing security.


OpenBIO Formula Manager

  • Formula manager comes standard with all deployments
  • Allows for creation of formulas from master recipes
  • Formulas can be locked so they may not be edited
  • Multiple formulas can be created with slight edits and then run on multiple bioreactors (example, ten identical formulas run in succession with slight pH shifts)
  • Any formula can be run on any bioreactor, and can be transferred to larger scale bioreactors


Requirements and testing documents are available for review at Panacea Technologies Inc.