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ControlLogix ArchestrA Framework

Panacea’s ControlLogix / ArchestrA framework includes:

  • A function rich ControlLogix add-on instructions function block library.
  • ArchestrA Template Toolbox to match the ControlLogix library.
  • ArchestrA Graphic Toolbox for faceplates and graphic symbols for the ControlLogix library.
  • Standard Banner layout and navigation standards.
  • Windows for alarm summary, alarm history, event history, trends, InBatch, and system diagnostics.
  • Automatic history utilizing Wonderware InSQL.
  • Integration with Wonderware InBatch.
  • All scripting required for a Windows Domain based security scheme. The security is configurable per user, group, area, and operator station.
  • Controller and ArchestrA architecture and configuration guides.

Process Control Framework

Add-On Instructions

A standardized framework for Rockwell Automation's ControlLogix and Wonderware ArchestrA deployments.

Panacea Technologies Inc.’s ControlLogix add-on instruction library reduces the amount of programming required in the controller, reducing system development time and cost and increasing quality by reducing programming errors.

Some of the main add-on instructions are:

  • Analog and digital indicators.
  • Weight indicator with tare functionality.
  • Device controller with interlock functionality for any two-state device such as valves and motors.
  • Encapsulated Rockwell PID controller with ramp and interlock functionality.
  • Setpoint/Manual loader with ramp and interlock functionality.
  • Gap/Deadband controllers.
  • Variable Frequency Drive control module which integrates the analog control for the drive and the discrete
    control for the motor into a single add-on instruction.
  • Wonderware InBatch phase logic interface.

All ControlLogix add-on instructions have the following features:

  • Input/Output scaling or inverting capability.
  • Built in I/O simulation capability.
  • Interlock override capability.
  • Instructions that handle analog signals have standard HH, H, L, LL, ORA (Out of Range) and DEV
    (deviation alarms).
  • Instructions that handle devices with discrete feedback have CDA (Command Disagree alarms).
  • Alarms have configurable hysteresis and On/Off delays.
  • Instructions have modes built into them that restrict operator interaction when the associated devices or
    loops are being used by a phase.
  • Integrated Rockwell Logix5000 instruction help.

ArchestrA Framework

Panacea Technologies Inc. developed a framework including screens, scripts and ArchestrA templates for modeling process areas, controllers, units, and other miscellaneous objects using ArchestrA System Platform 2017 development environment, with the availability of ArchestrA System Platform 2020 compatability.


Requirements and testing documents are available for review at Panacea Technologies Inc.