As the landscapes of manufacturing plants evolve, so does the complexity of the software running it. The threat of unknown or undocumented changes, both inadvertent and malicious, is a serious concern than can be diffcult to monitor. This can be especially problematic as the lines of responsibility blur across the Quality, Engineering, Automation, Operations, and IT divisions within a company. The need to maintain revision control, track user actions, and provide security and backups for diverse vendor devices has never been greater.

Asset Management

Panacea Technologies' solution for backup management provides a more secure method to access and control asset configurations across the plant floor networks. To learn more about our approach to asset management, view our whitepaper (pdf).

System Architecture Design

System Migration

Technology evolves quickly, and automation systems are no exception. As software and equipment become discontinued and unsupported by vendors, system upgrades and migrations become unavoidable and can quickly become complex undertakings. Panacea's experience with a broad range of platforms enables us to comprehesively review existing systems and offer the best options for upgrading or migrating. We have performed upgrades and migrations ranging from small PLC and HMI systems to large, complex SCADA and batch management systems. Panacea has a notably strong background migrating obsolete APACS systems.

Panacea Technologies Inc. has fielded numerous recent inquiries from customers intending to migrate existing obsolete PanelViews and PLC5/SLC500 infrastructure to a more modern and supportable infrastructure. The following white paper has been prepared to present strategies we have utilized while working on these types of projects. The strategies use standard Rockwell tools and can be implemented with minimal impact on plant operations.

View the whitepaper (pdf)


Virtualization is becoming an increasingly popular technology for use with automation systems. Major parts of automation systems can now be installed on virtualized infrastructure rather than dedicated servers, including historians, HMIs served to thin clients, engineering development stations, and other SCADA components. Virtualization of servers can provide many benefits to automation systems, including high system availability and simplification of common tasks such as backups, maintenance, and hardware upgrades. Virtualization can also lead to cost savings due to consolidation of hardware. As a VMWare partner, Panacea is well positioned and experienced to support virtualization efforts.

ControlLogix/ArchestrA Framework

The CLX/ArchestrA framework has been developed for the process automation industry. The framework leverages the ability to create user defined instructions for ControlLogix and the power and scalability of ArchestrA. The framework combines the ease of configuration of a DCS with the flexibility of an inexpensive PLC/SCADA architecture. Panacea's framework allows automation engineers to concentrate on automating their process rather than developing software and standards for the controller and HMI. View the brochure (pdf).

Data and Analytics

Process Analytical Technology (PAT)

Process Analytical Technology (PAT) is a methodology involving the monitoring and analysis of critical properties during pharmaceutical manufacturing processes. The availability and analysis of this data provides opportunties to better understand the manufacturing process and drive decisions to improve quality control. Panacea has worked with several clients to support their installations of Siemens' PAT solution, SIPAT. To learn more about PAT, SIPAT, and how Panacea can support your efforts, view our whitepaper (pdf).


Mountains of data are accumulating in data historian systems today, but what do you do with it? Panacea has succesfully implemented reporting solutions for clients using both off-the-shelf reporting applications as well as custom developed solutions. Our engineers have extensive experience with SQL, data historians including OSIsoft PI, GE Historian, and FactoryTalk Historian, as well as alarm notification software including WIN-911.