Our Products


The OpenBIO fermenter control system is an award winning platform that empowers pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to command their labs, R&D spaces, and manufacturing operations from anywhere. With the ability to expand the number of units easily, transfer recipes across sites and countries, and extensive out of the box algorithms for process control, OpenBIO is the best choice for modern operations.

View our OpenBIO product page for more information.

Panacea Update Manager

Panacea Update Manager automatically manages Microsoft patch deployments and can optionally include Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager (SEPM) to provide end point node security. SEPM is supported by most major automation platforms, SCADA software packages, and data historization systems. It was designed to remain vendor agnostic and can handle Microsoft updates for multiple vendors. The update manager can be configured for a wide variety of systems that use different combinations of automation software on the same node or across multiple nodes and will work across multiple automation networks.

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Software Development

In addition to our experience with commercial automation software, Panacea provides custom software development services to create software tools and utilities to improve integration of commercial software, increase productivity on projects, and address unique client needs. Among these, we have created numerous software applications to assist internal project teams with project development and validation.

  • Custom software to integrate and share data among ERP, inventory control, quality, manufacturing, and other business systems
  • Applications to transfer data among relational database servers, Microsoft Office objects, web services, and manufacturing automation systems
  • Experienced with a variety of programming languages, applications, platforms, and technologies

Recent Developments

  • FactoryTalk Batch Formulation Manager
  • Electronic Batch Reporting Software
  • Batch Assistant for GE Historian
  • Protocol Scripting Language (PSL) Editor

Our Utilities

Component Viewer for DeltaV

Component Viewer for DeltaV displays the DeltaV configuration from a FHX file in a graphical format without the need for a DeltaV station. This tool is used to decrease project costs by eliminating the need for DeltaV workstations for engineering reviews and increasing communication among the project team. For example, when validation personnel need to look at a configuration, they do not need to log onto the system while they examine the configuration. Many companies have rules where validation personnel need to be paired up with engineering personnel while working on the system. This tool eliminates that requirement.


Component Date for DeltaV

Component Date For DeltaV allows the user to examine a DeltaV export file (FHX) and then displays the last modification date for all the components within the file. The component and their dates can then be printed or archived to a text file. The user can at a later date open the archived text file in applications such as Word, Excel and Access and compare the component and their modification dates to components and modification dates in other text files.


FHX File Compare for DeltaV

FHX File Compare for DeltaV allows the user to compare two DeltaV configurations (via export files) and shows in a simple side by side view the software that has been modified, added, or deleted between the two configurations. It also makes a determination on whether the changes are significant or insignificant based on predefined criteria. A report of the major modifications can then be created. This tool is used to increase quality by facilitating change control and reduces project costs by quickly determining changes without having to initiate a full review of the software.


FHX File Explorer for DeltaV

FHX File Explorer for DeltaV allows the DeltaV Export file to be browsed in a tree like structure. Users can quickly access data in the DeltaV controller configuration offline without requiring the use of a DeltaV system. The program can also split up larger FHX files into their component modules allowing users to email these components to each other and faster access to the data.