Automation System Integration

Panacea Technologies Inc. has an extensive background developing, integrating, and supporting automation systems from current major vendors as well as systems that are obsolete and no longer available. This gives us competitive edge to support migration efforts, regardless of what the original system is running. Additionally, we have active partnerships and certifications with many major vendors, including those listed below.

Our personnel have extensive experience in the design and implementation of automation systems large and small. Our expertise includes engineering, implementation, and GMP validation of continuous and S-88 batch control systems, process automation and vendor equipment skids, DCS and PLC systems ranging from a few I/O to over 10,000 I/O, and SCADA systems and components.

Panacea Technologies Inc. does not represent or distribute OEM hardware or software and is therefore in a position to make objective design decisions based on project requirements. As a result, our engineers have experience with a wide range of system platforms.

Standards Based Approach

  • Experts in implementing and validating S-88 solutions
  • Extensive experience in the preparation of design and system lifecycle documentation (e.g., Functional Requirement Specification, Software Design Specification, Factory Acceptance Testing, etc)
  • Experienced in system development and modification under change tracking and change control management systems
  • Internal standards for working with a variety of proprietary control systems

Additional Platforms

  • Emerson DeltaV
  • Honeywell Experion, Plantscape, and TDC 3000
  • Yokogawa Chart Recorders
  • Matrikon Products
Project Services

Project Management

Panacea Technologies Inc. has successfully managed projects ranging from under $100,000 to over $10 million. We offer project management services that can be tailored to automation projects large or small. Quality project management results in benefits including:

  • Meet or exceed project schedules
  • Control costs at or under projected values
  • Higher customer satisfaction

Our Approach

  • Earned value systems to track costs
  • Monthly project reports to communicate project statuses
  • Project change notification systems to track changes
  • Resource loaded schedules to predict completion dates
  • Project Lifecycle approach to increase quality
  • A custom database system to track open issues and their subsequent resolution
  • Auditing of in-process projects

Instrument Engineering

Panacea Technologies Inc. is staffed with personnel with extensive experience in the field of Instrumentation Specifications. Some of the key features they use in specifying instruments include:

  • A consolidated instrument database
  • Storage of instrument specifications in a database
  • Use of standard ISA spec sheets for instrument purchases

Panel Design and Fabrication

Panacea Technologies Inc. has alliances with several panel fabricators.

Panacea Technologies Inc. designs panels using the latest CAD techniques. Heat dissipation calculations are generated for every panel that they design, this ensures the life of the equipment in the panel is not impacted by the design of the panel. Clean room stainless steel panels can also be designed based on the requirements.

Validation and Documentation

Panacea Technologies Inc. executes every project using a Life Cycle approach and offers a complete range of validation services for both internal and external projects.

Panacea has many years of experience designing and documenting systems in preparation for validation. We also provide turnkey validated systems and will validate systems designed and built by others.

Our team of validation engineers will work with your project engineering and quality assurance personnel on validation tasks. Our experience in developing GMP validation protocols provides a valuable resource when qualifying computer-based systems.

Validation Services

  • Validation Master Plans
  • Project Implementation Plans
  • Project Procedures Manuals
  • Functional System Requirements Specifications
  • Software Design Specifications
  • Test Protocols (IQs, OQs and PQs)
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • 21 CFR 11 compliance checklists
  • Vendor Audits
  • 21 CFR 11 compliance audits, and remediation plans