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Panacea opens new western USA office

Panacea Technologies has opened up a new office! Our Western United States expansion located in Irvine, California will immediately increase project and service based support for current and prospective clients. If you would like to learn more about our services offering contact us at sales@panaceatech.com. We are excited to expand our presence in the Western United States!

Press Release

Panacea introduces robust recipe and formula manager for FactoryTalk Batch

FactoryTalk Batch users have expressed that one of the main limitations of the FactoryTalk Batch software package is the inability to use multiple formulas with the same recipe procedure. Panacea Technologies Inc. announces the release of a FactoryTalk Batch Recipe and Formula Management Software add-on that now provides this long awaited functionality. The software provides a web based portal that enables the users to manage multiple formulas associated with a single recipe. To learn more, view the press release.

Panacea introduces Asset Management and Network Security plan

The evolving landscapes of manufacturing plants and automation software has resulted in increasingly complex software and networks. This complexity has lead to new challenges in managing and securing code and configuration versions. Panacea Technologies has prepared the white paper linked below based on the strategies we have developed to address these asset management challenges. For additional information, read our whitepaper on the topic and contact us to with your questions.

Panacea providing PAT/SIPAT services

Process Analytical Technology (PAT), a methodology for process analysis and control, is a growing field of interest for pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing processes. Panacea is happy to be at the cutting edge and to offer experience and expertise in the installation and support of PAT systems, including Siemens SIPAT software. To learn more, read our PAT overview.

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